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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 9, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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dangerous. m.a.r.c. trains are getting it from all directions. heat from the outside and heat from riders to make some changes. going. welcome in on a big day on abc 2. >> thanks for joining us friday morning. there's a lot going on. a special announcement. there is a big push to get people if you have the morning off to head to the inner harbor. >> julie anne harris from the bachelorette is here. >> justin, what have you got? >> something big will happen. >> i like that. go to the inner harbor. check this out. we've got ourselves a look at the headlines, which include a little bit of a change. we're tired of talking about the heat so let's talk about something else. i think we may get it. we need a coastal storm off the
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carolinas moving inland. all ganging up on maryland and may break this pattern at least briefly. we've had showers already. not much else going on across the area. we've had sprinkles show up. we are looking at temperatures in joppa right now. down towards annapolis and eldersburg and reisterstown. there's 74. follow the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen because we will introduce showers and heavy storms over the next two days. right now, kim brown talks about the traffic. >> thanks, justin. we don't have any traffic nor do we have delays. we have a handful of row houses. a disabled vehicle is blocking the left side of the bay bridge on the westbound side. water main bridge at pulaski
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highway on highland street has been open. we lack at our cameras this morning. traffic okay on the beltway. no issues on the outer loop at old court road. inner loop lanes looking good as well. traffic is doing well. here 95 both directions at 195 in arbutus. no problems southbound headed toward the capital beltway. looking at our drive times all in the green still. you won't find any issues on the topside. 95 looking good and no problems between the 83s. megan and jamie, back to you. all you want to do is hop the train in baltimore and get to d.c. on the marc line. you would think. baltimore invented train riding that you would have this down right now. linda so says the marc line is coming around with changes. good morning, linda. >> good morning, jamie. delays, electrical failures and heat-related issues. officials hope better communication will be part of
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the solution. three weeks ago, 900 passengers were kept on board a stopped m.a.r.c. train with no a.c. in the sweltering heat. since then, there's been other delays and minor breakdowns promising the mta to keep the hot line open until 11:00 p.m. instead of 7:00. an mta employee will remain at union station until 11:00 at night to help riders. sarah lover has one more suggestion. >> they ought to keep a mechanic on board at all times. they shouldn't have to wait for someone from union to come by to fix the train. >> reporter: here's the number for information about m.a.r.c. trains and delays. it's 800-325-rail. the hours at the call center will be from 6:00 a.m. in the morning until 11:00 at night. 75 degrees this morning with the extreme heat that we've been seeing, it's been blamed on two baltimore nursing
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home facilities being evacuated. all 74 residents in northwest baltimore from this center were moved after the air conditioning broke down. >> we were notified of this probably about 1:00 yesterday and all residents were moved out of the facility by about 4:00 this morning. what, again, they did proactively is try to maintain hydration with the residents and care for medical needs. in addition, they used portable air conditioning units in the hallways. state health officials say residents at liberty heights moved to other homes owned by the same company. but it's under fire this morning for not following proper procedure. health officials were alerted to problems there only after a resident called 911. fortunately, none of the residents from either center
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suffered any heat-related injuries. a 60-year-old former english teacher convicted of murdering her estranged husband and trying to kill their 16- year-old daughter. a baltimore county jury rejected arguments that mary couldn't kuhns will be sentenced next month. prosecutors say a moment invasion that turned deadly for the intruder was justified. the homeowner shot and killed would-be robber marvin cooke, jr. after he broke into his home in march. no charges will be filed against bossman. the lebron-a-thon is over. they've already printed out lebron t-shirts in miami to celebrate his arrival. in ohio, they've been burning
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cavs jerseys. >> sherrie johnson has reaction. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, megan. it was a language-awaited decision and quite a buildup. last night, he announced he's headed to warmer temperatures. this decision has many upset like you see here cleveland burning his jersey. others are quite excited, celebrating in the streets. james is joining dwayne wade and chris bosh on a suddenly transformed miami heat team. the two-time mvp said he decided to leave the cavaliers because the heat gives hum a chance to win now rather than later. it is a huge victory for the heat. the team received re-signs of bosh and dwayne wade. >> i think the major factor and major reason in my decision was the best opportunity for me to win and to win now and to win into the future, also.
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>> reporter: some of the harshest comments have come from dan gilbert, majority owner of the cleveland cavaliers. gilbert said to the fans, you simply don't deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal. the self-proclaimed king will be taking his curs. and until he makes it right, he will own this dreaded spell and bad karma. pretty harsh. >> find out when miami's going to cleveland next year. wow. cal ripken, jr. appeared on espn. in the end, lebron chose to walk away from his hometown team, something cal never did. >> it's a crap shoot. you don't know for sure. you can't go to another place and ought mat achelely guarantee a championship. the only time i thought of leaving baltimore is when i thought the organization was unraveling. in the end, i was looking for stability and it was the right
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place for mae to stay. >> i think it turned out all right for him. >> and the new star of the miami heat sits down with robin roberts today on "good morning, maryland" at 7:00. speaking of unraveling, it was texas who unraveled. i don't know how we won this game. the orioles beat texas. i don't know how. all of a sudden, look, they go nuts. texas goes nuts. the orioles squeak it out 6-4. all right. justin with weather. >> all right, 6:08. we'll take a look outside. you'll notice the clouds and humidity popping up into the morning sky, something we haven't had for quite sometime. our temperatures at 75 degrees come with 88% humidity. the southeast wind adds in the moisture. the chance for big storms popping up by this evening and through tomorrow. here's kim with traffic. >> we have a disabled vehicle
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on the bay bridge. another the harrisburg expressway, i'll let you know in just a few minutes. 6:08 its with a case that insighted so much emotion that had to be done in a different city. >> now dozens are behind bars. >> are you going camping this weekend? we're going to tell about you five items to put on your check list. we'll tell you what to bring to make your trip one to remember. also ahead on this friday morning, extreme makeover home edition. they are coming to baltimore. if you ever wondered how they build a house in just one week, joce sterman explains that they don't exactly start from the ground up. so we'll see some secrets behind the show. speciatrained technicians cput every car we sell through a 125 point inspection. carmax is the smart choice because at carmax
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cleans high and low, with thick all around fibers that attract & lock up to two times more dust than a feather duster. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. [ cat meow ] ♪ who's that lady? it's 12 minute as 6:00. during the commercial break this was how the commercial went. you've never been camping? >> never. >> you are missing out. >> i'll stay out all night on a marble step but don't put a
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tent over my head. >> it's so fun. ready for the great outdoors? are you ready to pitch a tent and just sleep on the ground? >> you are missing out if you haven't. maybe the deluxe cabin wall street wi-fi is more your cup of tea, but merrill's campgrounds offer different things. no excuses. abc 2 news roosevelt leftwich breaks down the top five things you need for an awesome experience. >> reporter: wouldn't it be nice to camp out? for some that is not camping. tip number one, pick the right camp. >> certain people have brands that they like, locations that they like, and it's the same thing with camping. we have locations that range from the deep creek lake area to the st. georges island, camping on a beach or camping
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in a lummy cabin with wi-fi and cable. >> reporter: now that you have the right camp, what do you bring? some of that depends on the camp. beach camp, you need beach stuff. rustic camp, you need rustic. be prepared. >> you need the equipment that you will need. if you are going to sleep on the ground, bring bug spray. we lake to think maryland doesn't have insects, but we do. sunscreen certainly. >> reporter: be green other than hanging out in the trees and grass is also important. who wants to go out in the area and find somebody else has already messed it up. tip three, respect the land. >> you want to be green. wherever you go. if you bring trash in, take trash out. >> reporter: if you enjoyed camping as a kid, your child may not. they may hate roughing it and feel scared in the woods and heaven forbid may not like fishing. tip four, kids need kids' stuff. >> it's important for them to
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feel safe, secure. they need to know that they are okay, that they have water and everything they need that they will not get lost and absolutely know your child. >> reporter: and tip five is perhaps the most important. have fun. maryland's campgrounds have so many diverse things that there's something for everyone from the child to the historian it's all there. just don't forget to bring the bug spray wherever you go. roosevelt leftwich. >> see they have indoor plumbing. >> look at my rule. >> cannot be 20 feet from indoor plumbing. >> that's the law. >> if you want more information about campsites that are fancy or rustic, whatever you are looking for kid friendly, go to our web site, we have a link on it. good morning. it's 6:15. jamie, you need to break out of your shell, man.
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come on. [ laughter ] >> i'll come out and spend the weekend with you. >> nothing like getting dirty and not showering for three days to really bring you back. >> there are times he doesn't shower for three days. >> dirt under your man cured fingernail nails? come on, man. yeah, okay. we've got a look at cloudy skies which we have not really seen for quite sometime. 75 degrees feels like 79. winds generally out of an easterly direction. it's coming off of the bay and off of the atlantic. that's what's starting to statute our atmosphere. back to 70 in easton. it's friday. we're heading away to the beach. some of you may be going out to the beach. not going to be the best weather for the next couple of days to be out there on the beach itself. we all need rain. the farmers are screaming for it on the eastern shore. you want that sweet corn, they need their rain. one band of moisture coming in
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through here right now. stretching a band of clouds south of dover and on into salisbury. you notice we've had showers come down from new york and lancaster counties in through northern sec's of carroll and frederick. we've got to take a wider look here. one thing you will notice is the influence of all of the moisture coming off of the atlantic. this storm system is t.self will add more moisture into the mix. this is dumping flooding rains in texas all meaning we'll get wet weather beginning this afternoon with scattered showers and storms. running fast forward into tomorrow morning. midday the heaviest of the rain right on top of baltimore. we'll get heavy downpours. scattered showers as we head through tonight and 75. the weekend outlook, we'll talk about that in a couple of minutes. it is 6:17. here's kim brown. you are not going to find any problems around 695.
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the 95 corridor is looking good if you are making your way towards the d.c. area. right now, the bw parkway is incident free at this time. as we look at our cameras, traffic looking good here at old court road looking nice as we head down on the outer loop toward i-70. as we check our drive times, it will be all in the green. northbound 95, nine minutes from route 100. that'll only be ten minutes. on the outer loop from, 70 to 95, a six-minute drive. traffic does get by on two right open lanes and a disabled vehicle, 83 southbound right there at shawon. we are looking golden around the area roadways so far. we did very well yesterday with the emmy nominations. they ought to hold it here in baltimore instead. >> we had a solid showing and will run done a list of potential winners with ties to
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our area. we have incredible new video of the duck boat crash that happened in philadelphia. first, the latest in business news. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle blasting a report from the obama administration. the semi annual report concludes china's currency is undervalued against the dollar but does not cite china for manipulating its currency. china gained an unfair trade advantage because its currency is kept artificially low. goonson & johnson announced the eighth recall of its pain relievers including children's tylenol and benadryl. the company says it's a precautionary move. the affected drugs are stored the same way the recalls in january were stored. the recall's cost the company tens of millions a month. mortgage rates dropped to a new low. average rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage dropped to 4.57%
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this week, the lowest level in five decades dating back to when most loans lasted to 20 to 25 years. the rates have been low for a while now. most people have taken advantage of them already or are unable to because they can't qualify. there is fresh evidence americans are pulling back. people are putting less on credit cards and taking out fewer auto loans. it is the 15th decline as many americans attempt to get their finances in better shape. it is the end of the line for the pt cruiser. chrysler's retro car that drew comparisons to the 1930s gangster cars. christ lever introduced the cruiser a decade ago and had buyers put on waiting lists. it hasn't changed much over time and sales tumbled. coming up on "good morning america," robin roberts has her exclusive interview with robin
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roberts. the first since he announced he's going to miami. i'm vinita nair, and that's your money scope report.
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it's 6:23. how does the idea of up to 3 inches of rain sound this weekend? we don't want it all at once. it will wash away off of our dry parched and very version hard soil, but we'll get some rain and thunderstorms possible this afternoon, especially around the bay and eastern shore. 92 the two degree guarantee. i think the chance builds tomorrow morning through midday 84, a cool day. and we could get 1 to 3 inches
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of rain? here's kim brown. >> reporter: we have light to moderate traffic around the area. we have one incident blocking the left lane now confirmed to be a collision. expect police to be on the scene. traffic gets by on the right. checking our drive times, no problems on the harrisburg expressway, only five minutes from shawon to the beltway on the topside between the 83s. the jfx all good southbound. we lack at our cameras, traffic right here on the beltway on the northwest corner at old court road. no problems on 795 as well. traffic doing well around the 95 corridor. no problems between 695 towards u-95. megan and jamie, back to you. help me out, julie bowen. >> from baltimore.
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>> up for supporting actress for "modern family" that's aired right here on abc. and executive producer jason wehner is a graduate of a local school. and "madmen" matthew wiener is up for the episode that he wrote. and david simon, you watch this all the time, don't you? >> really good show, yeah. >> "homicide," "the wire," all set in baltimore. and barry levinson wins. >> yeah, you don't know jack. >> i don't? >> the hbo show he was behind and that was a great, great show. soon, you might be able to say move that bus on eastern avenue. >> we don't know exactly where yet, but extreme makeover home edition is coming to baltimore. we'll show you how they build a home in one week.
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it is the culmination of the american dream. all wrapped up in individual slices. kraft singles. the american cheese. on your mark, get set, change. m.a.r.c. trains tell riders they are going to do better for you. all right. lebron james moving to miami. cleveland is really upset. wait till you hear what the cavaliers owner had to say about lebron. and we've been hearing so much about this, so what's
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going on with the extreme makeover home edition. we know someone in the area will get it at some point. all of those details ahead on this friday morning. thank to you are joining us. here's justin berk. good morning, justin. >> reporter: megan said change. i'd like to change the 100 degrahe temperature. how about we change things for a wet appeal? we need moisture and head through later today and tomorrow. tropical downpour is in the offing as we move inland. notice the increased humidity today developing showers and heavy thunderstorms later today, tonight, and the start of the weekend. apologize for the timing on that, but we'll take anything at this stage of the game with merrill's most powerful doppler radar. we're looking around the bay right now. we had showers pushing just outside of the aberdeen proving ground. from sparrows point, we have the view east from the point of


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